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Structural Analysis, Design and detailing for Reinforced Concrete Framed Structures within AutoCad Environment..

Structural Analysis, Design and detailing for Reinforced Concrete Framed Structures within AutoCad Environment..

I would like to introduce myself as the developer of this software and as well as a practicing structural engineer for past 30 years. I developed this software in AutoCAD environment  since, the most of the civil engineers and Architects are already exposed to it and is being adopted as the world leading design and drawing software. I started developing the this software from the year 1983, when I completed my graduation in civil engineering and my exposure to the AutoCAD was from 1987 when I did my post graduation at Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Then I developed small software components in AutoCAD such as design of slabs, beams, columns and footings etc. with regular update as per my requirements. I never expected that adding all components with an effective interaction with AutoCAD will become this wonderful “CADMAX SOFTWARE” a boon for the practicing structural and civil engineers.

            Like other available structural analysis and design software, it contains no loose talks to show it high or less. It is not developed for International standards and is only for Indian standards as per IS-456-2000  and design aids. The wind load and earthquake load analysis are as per corresponding IS-code provisions. But the method and the speed of approach to get structural design and detailed drawings will be seen unimaginable while you are using this software when compared with other structural design software. It is not a large software to occupy a large portion of your hard disk and it will occupy nearly 10MB of space of your hard disk. But it will do the great job for practicing structural engineers which has been failed by other structural software. The terminology used in this software is so simple that any civil engineer/ Architect can easily understand and operate.

            This software is made into run with a pop-up menu in AutoCAD environment with the following main components:
1.Introduction of members such as columns, beams, slabs, walls and facia as drawing components in AutoCAD.

2.Calculation of beamloads from drawing entities automatically.

3.Introduction of wind load and earthquake components as drawing entities.

4.Analysis of the structure for dead loads, live loads, wind loads and earthquake loads as per requirements.

5.Design of members such as slabs, beams, columns and footings for critical forces of load combinations.

6.Reinforcement detailing of slabs, staircase, beams, columns and footings according to required type of gridlines with automatic grouping of members.

7.Preparation of detailed Design procedure for slabs, beams, columns and footings. 

8.Requirement of steel quantities for the structure stage by stage levels as required.

9.The calculation of all civil work quantites is under development and will be appended to this software very soon which will be very useful for preparation of estimates.

            I hope you will appreciate it, while using this software.

            Please do not hesitate to write your comments to me regarding upgradation as per your requirement.

            With best wishes,

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