Thursday, August 29, 2013


The concepts/secrets of database:
We are all using computer database in so many fields. In day-to-day life we use databases in internet banking, ticket reservation, bill payments, social network like facebook etc. The computer professional also mostly use SQL (Structured Query Language) for different databases like Oracle-SQL , MYSQL, MSSQL, POSTGRES-SQL. Almost all SQL have similar set of commands to Create, Insert, Update and Delete Records in tables of Databases. In initial periods of computer databases they use ^ delimited or any other special character delimited databases such as CSV(Comma Separated Values) format database tables. Even now CSV formatted databases are more compatible with Excel and other database tables. If we know the source program to Create, Insert, Update and Delete tables in SDF(Spike-^ Delimited Format) or CSV format, we can do a lot in the database field. The present stage of databases is developed by encrypting the SDF/CSV tables. In latest database by viewing the file contents, it is impossible to see the values for security reasons. The aim of this publication is to create awareness of simple database with SDF(Spike-^ Delimited Format) tables and how to do Create, Adddata, Query those tables. The source programs in VBSCRIPT in ASP/ASPX form and one Excel Sheet with macro for Exporting Excel sheet to SDF and Importing SDF into Excel Sheet is given localhost1.rar file. This can be downloaded from the following link.

This software is used to export any Excel tables into web database and make it query in all possible ways. The Software can be downloaded from the above link or link in the first page in the first page of manual given in the following link.

The unzipped localhost1.rar as webpage is available in the following link
You can test the software in the above link also.
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