Thursday, March 13, 2014

Web-Based JavaScript Spreadsheet Software

Web-Based JavaScript Spreadsheet Software

This spread sheet application is fully developed in html and javascript. The source code can be viewed and copied and pasted and saved in anyfile.htm and run in local machine also. No external files are linked in the source code. The spread sheet contents are saved in simple text format in notepad and loaded from the contents of notepad.
The following chapters are covered in this spread sheet
This can be opened in the following link:

1.You will see the following page in your web browser.

2.Selecting Cells in the Spread sheet.

3.Entering texts and values in the cells.

4.Doing Calculations in spreadsheet.

5.Copy and Paste functions  in this spreadsheet.

6.Saving the spread sheet.

7.Loading  the spread sheet from saved file.

8.Loading  in Microsoft Excel spread sheet from saved file.


10.String functions:

11.Format functions:

12. Solution of simultaneous equations in spreadsheet:

13. Javascript programming within spreadsheet:

14. Shortcut keys:

The link for web based spread sheet application is 
Next Improved version with fx toolbar is available in the following link:  

 The Android version of this spread sheet is available in the following link: 

The link for manual for web based spread sheet application is


The new webautocad

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